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Road Captains have the ultimate control & responsibility for group movement & safety.  If you think you have what it takes to become a Road Captain, contact one of the officers to let them know you are interested.  In addition to our current Road Captains, we have a program in place for Road Captains in Training.


Road Captains Responsibilities 

    1. You have just volunteered for the most challenging and rewarding positions within a riding club.  Once you have been appointed or elected as a Road Captain, you will have joined a very special team that will help plan, organize, and execute club rides.  The following guidelines have been developed to give you a basic understanding of the responsibilities and recommended qualifications expected of Road Captains, and the methods employed to help ensure everyone's safe return home after an enjoyable ride.


    1. Provide for the safety and welfare of all individuals within the group, and any surrounding motorists or pedestrians.
    2. Lead the group to its destination and back in a well-organized, disciplined, and safe manner.
    3. Avoid creating hazardous situations.
    4. Be the most knowledgeable of the state laws and safe riding guidelines.


    1. Maintain a current and valid motorcycle driver's license.
    2. Maintain current and valid motorcycle insurance, with no less than the MINIMUM required by the state for street riding purposes.
    3. Recommended maintaining a current First Aid/CPR certification.
    4. Successfully completed a MSF Rider Course.
    5. Be accepted by club officers as a Ride Captain. 
    6. Tact & understanding of people should be a high priority.  Remember, you were once a new rider.  Deal with problems & issues as you would want to be treated.


    1. Has full charge of the group until arrival at the destination.
    2. Will lead the group in a manner consistent with the objectives and guidelines as stated herein, and will execute his or her best judgment in situations not specifically covered in these guidelines.
    3. Will brief other assigned Road Captains & Tail Gunners as to route, responsibilities, and other details pertinent to the ride prior to departure.
    4. Will conduct a rider's briefing prior to departure (May assign a Safety Officer to conduct the Safety Briefing).
    1. Will be responsible for the final decision with regard to ride termination due to inclement weather, hazardous conditions, or other difficult or unsafe conditions.
    2. Will instruct any rider to ride in a specific position within the group, or leave the group entirely, for reasons of misconduct, disorderly or unsafe riding, or faulty/unsafe equipment.  Common sense and tact should be used.
    3. Insure a well-maintained First Aid kit is present on ride.
    4. Suggested to insure a well-stocked tool kit is present on ride.
    5. Insure a cell phone is present for 911 purposes.
    6. Locate other cell phones and first aid kits.

                                                              i.      Should the Road Captain not possess a cell phone, designate a 911-notification caller within the group.

    1. Will establish and maintain a uniform speed consistent with the ability of the least experienced rider, and with consideration of safe road conditions, traffic, and weather conditions.
    2. Will be responsible for initiating all maneuvers within traffic in a "safety first" manner.
    3. Will lead the standard formation of a staggered double row, in one traffic lane.
    4. Will be at the head of the group, and will ride just to the left of lane center.
    5. Will maintain a safe following distance by using the MINIMUM 3 second rule between the group and any vehicle ahead.  This distance may be increased at the discretion of the Road Captain, but will NOT be decreased.
    6. Will command the group to a single file formation when they cannot maintain visual control of the road conditions ahead over a MINIMUM of a 4 second distance, narrow road, mountain/curvy roads, traveling directly adjacent to parked vehicles, or any other condition which may severely restrict the ability of individual group members to perform emergency avoidance maneuvers.

NOTE: The urgency to inform the Road Captain is left to the discretion of the observing Tail Gunner.


a.      Welcome riders and introduce Road Captains

b.      Define destination and outline route

c.      Determine gas stop requirements

d.      Outline itinerary for the day

e.      Determine return plans if applicable

f.        Review riding standards (Usually conducted by Safety Officer)

                                                              i.      Staggered position and safe distance

                                                            ii.      Entrance and exit

                                                          iii.      Lane changes

                                                           iv.      Single file procedures

                                                             v.      Hand signals

                                                           vi.      Broken bike procedure

g.      Locate cell phones and first aid kits

h.      Designate 911 notification

i.        Determine riding group by size, skill level, & cruising speed

j.         Remind everyone to have fun, and to ride safely.






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